Lucy Aston
Advertising Creative Based in Melbourne


Find out more about Lucy here. Lucy Aston is an advertising creative based in London. Lucy has worked with several high profile clients including, Carlsberg, Rightmove, O2 and CoppaFeel! Lucy has received national recognition for several of her campaigns. 


Let me introduce myself...

Hey, I'm Lucy.

I'm a senior single creative, who tends to lean more on the copywriting side. I've just relocated from London to Melbourne and am on the hunt for an exciting new agency to call home.

I most enjoy working on briefs that allow me to create memorable brand storytelling work. Over the last few years I've enjoyed relaunching Rightmove and Carlsberg, hanging out with Mads Mikkelsen in Copenhagen in the process. Which is somehow even better than it sounds. This went from a UK campaign, to winning the global Carlsberg business. My work for breast cancer charity Coppafeel made history for ‘freeing the nipple’ on daytime TV, beating Trump to the top news story on the BBC. I was placed as No.13 on David Reviews Top Creatives of 2017, and placing Fold7 at No.5 in Top Agencies. I've also been named as one of Campaign's Female Future Leaders. I'll take that.