Lucy Aston
Advertising Creative Based in Melbourne


See what Lucy did with Carlsberg. Lucy Aston is an advertising creative based in London. Lucy has worked with several high profile clients including, Carlsberg, Rightmove, O2, and CoppaFeel! Lucy has received national recognition for several of her campaigns. 

Relaunching Carlsberg - The Danish Way

Almost two years ago, I was briefed to save one of Britain's most famous beers. See, the beer market was changing. So it was out with football and lads lads lads, and back to Carlsberg's roots - the picturesque and charming backdrop of Denmark. I spent months researching this wonderful nation, finding out what 'hygge' means and it transpires that Denmark is often voted the 'World's Happiest Nation'. Now all we needed was a wise, charming, well dressed Danish philosopher to take us on a journey of discovery. From there it's been a slightly terrifying but exhilarating joy ride of success. More scripts. More shoots. More countries. More Mads Mikkelsen. Off the back of the success of the campaign, we won the global Carlsberg business. Since then I've been creating one consistent campaign for Carlsberg all around the world. The best brief of my career so far? Probably.