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Advertising Creative Based in Melbourne

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See what people are saying about Lucy's work her. Lucy Aston is an advertising creative currently based in London. Lucy has worked with several high profile clients including, Carlsberg, Rightmove, CoppaFeel!, O2 and Cadbury. Lucy has received national recognition for several of her campaigns. 

Things being said about me and my work...


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Rightmove enjoys record breaking site visits following ad debut

The Rightmove site received over 25 million views on Boxing day, after my new ad aired on Christmas Day. The ad tells the story of of father trying to find a moment of peace and quiet from the kids, which will likely resonate with families around the UK on Christmas Day.

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Carlsberg Unfiltered in the press

My new Carlsberg Unfiltered campaign got some lovely press coverage. Winning ad of the week on Creative Pool and The Grocer, who called it '“class in a glass”.

David Reviews creates a 'sisterhood' profile

David Reviews creates my ‘sisterhood’ profile

The team at David Reviews have set up a section of their site dedicated to the female directors and creatives of the industry. Describing my work as ‘bold, entertaining, and - above all - memorable.’ Thanks DR!

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CoppaFeel! ad wins award

Campaign Magazine and PR Week voted Trust Your Touch the best Public Awareness Campaign of 2018 in their Campaigns For Good Awards. YAY!


Named by Campaign magazine as Creativity's Female Future

Campaign and Creative Equals present the future creative leaders; the women defining creativity today and tomorrow. Out of 170 entrants right up to CD level, I made it onto the shortlist of women leading the way in creative roles. Here's what they had to say about me;

"Aston’s recent work includes CoppaFeel!’s "Trust your touch" campaign, which showed a woman’s nipple on daytime TV for the first time as part of the breast-cancer awareness charity’s quest to normalise self-checking. Recently, she created pitch-winning work for Fold7’s newest client, property website Rightmove, and was involved with Carlsberg’s "The Danish way" spots, which made the list of Campaign’s top 10 film ads for 2017. "Aston has played an important role in the creation of three of Fold7’s most successful ad campaigns over the past 12 months, showing her potential to win business," Buchanan says.


Placed No.13 in the Top 25 Creatives by David Reviews

These scores were compiled from a combination of David Reviews in-house rating system and user ratings. My work this year also helped placed Fold7 at No.5 in Top Agencies.



CoppaFeel! Trust Your Touch in the national press

I freed the nipple on daytime TV in aid of Coppafeel, beating Donald Trump to the top news story on the BBC. It was discussed on breakfast TV, and covered by the national press. See what they had to say about it.


Carlsberg 'The Danish Way' places 8th in Campaign's Top 10 Film Ads of 2017

"Carlsberg paid tribute to its Danish roots with this playful film starring Mads Mikkelsen, which proved popular enough to expand to markets beyond the UK. Mikkelsen shares the secrets to the country’s happiness on a surreal bike ride while keeping the tongue-in-cheek tone typical of the brand’s advertising heritage."


Rightmove 'Life Steps' - 5 Stars from David Reviews

"We all have our Everest and for poor Graham it's the stairs in the family home. And as he's perpetually being summoned by his wife, he faces their grim 'north face' more often than he'd care to.

This is Fold7's debut work for Rightmove and it uses a couple of clever tricks to secure your attention... one of which will lead to complaints. Firstly, it makes you wonder if it's going to be a surpriingly upbeat commercial for Stannah's range of stairlifts and, secondly, it momentarily makes it look as though Graham kept shuffling in an upward direction until he reached the Pearly Gates.

This 'gulp' moment is underlined by the decision to fade out Sam & Dave's 'Hold On' just as the elderly protagonist disappears into the ether. The arrival of a new family reminds us of life's circular nature - but our fears were, after all, unfounded. Graham is not dead, he's just moved into a bungalow where he will remain his wife's errand boy until the merciful release that awaits us all."